Res Ipsa Poker January 2008

I sure don’t have the tilt under control.

It’s funny, though, that the things that tilt me tend to be not poker-related. I can take a horrendous beat with relative equanimity, but life’s stupid little setbacks get me all angry.

Last night I decided to play the Riverchasers event, despite the fact that it was Razz. I loathe Razz. As a splurge, I also signed up for the daily double.

Right about that time my internet connection decided to crap out, disconnecting me about every fifteen seconds, then reconnecting. I think I set a record for the number of times one player has seen the "now connecting" dialog box in one hour. It didn’t help any that my computer was choking on FT’s software. I should have just shut it down or at least tried rebooting, but I didn’t.

I made it to the break in all three tournaments. In good shape in two of them. By that point, though, I was so consumed with rage that I just wanted out. And so I went out. Fast. Semi-intentionally. I mean I wasn’t in there raising KQ/2, but if I had any three cards under 9, I was all the way in. Shoving with T6s in NLHE. That sort of thing. Non-winning, tilty poker.

It took less than ten minutes to bust. (Edit: I think I busted in 27th place – making back to back events where I went out 27th. Rigged.) Thank goodness. I managed to shut down without breaking anything, which I’ll consider a win. I’m mildly annoyed by the loss of the buyins. I’m seriously annoyed by the continual flakiness of my internet service. It’s now more or less stable but extremely slow this morning – we’re talking flashbacks to my 110 baud acoustic modem from the 80s slow. It will be interesting to see if I can get this post submitted successfully.


I noticed some really obnoxious chat in the Riverchasers. I was getting annoyed by it and the douchebaggery wasn’t even directed at me. I’m not going to call the perpetrator out – that person has been called out before – but come on. Why do you need to do that? Are you really so self-unaware that you don’t see why it’s annoying? This is a low buy in social game. It’s supposed to be FUN. Even if it is Razz. Belittling people is




Speaking of things which tilt me, here’s one which is WAY off topic.

Over the last week or so, the radio station I usually listen to has been flooded with an ad promoting garbage truck safety awareness. The ad features some sixish year old girl saying, more or less, ‘my daddy was a garbage collector, he was killed by a guy trying to get around his truck, please be more careful’. A solemn-voiced announcer describes the "growing problem" of garbage collectors being injured or killed by people trying to get around the trucks. The ad is sponsored by whatever the national Solid Waste Collectors Association is actually called and by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

I’ve probably heard this retarded ad thirty or forty times this week. Heck, these people event sponsored the broadcast of a local college basketball game last night.

Now let me ask you this:

1) Is this REALLY a "growing problem"? Really? I did a quick Google news search and found a pretty long list of people killed or injured by garbage trucks – at least six worldwide so far in 2008 alone – but no recent reports of sanitation engineers being killed or injured by other drivers. It does happen – sanitation workers have an unacceptably high mortality rate, mostly due to other causes – but do you need to insult the listener’s intelligence by calling it a growing problem?

2) If we assume that it is in fact a statistically significant – even a ‘growing’ – problem, is a stupid radio ad REALLY likely to change anyone’s behavior? Are people who are road rage susceptible or in a big hurry really going to check themselves when they think about passing a garbage truck? Will there be a moment of clarity – hey, I better just accept being late for my appointment because I might cause another six year old girl just like that one on the radio to lose her daddy if I pass? Not likely.

3) Okay, so in theory the commercials "work" and we save a life or prevent an injury or two. Terrific. I’m in favor of that. But at what cost? I mean, this ad has been played dozens of times in this one little radio market. It appears to be a national campaign, which means big bucks. Did anyone consider if that money could be better spent on other ways to save sanitation worker lives and reduce injuries – ways which might make a more statistically significant difference, like say better worker training? Better lighting for the trucks? Better maintenance?

Yeah. I’m sure they did.

The best part of this stupid campaign is that you know who is paying for it. We are. Whether it’s part of your trash bill or your tax bill, the money for this idiocy comes right out of our pockets. That bugs me.

By the way, if I get wacked sometime in the next week … it was probably the mob.


Back to poker.

Happiness is: Having an opponent call your all-in preflop and show QQ to your KK.

Happiness is not: Your opponent has the Qc and the flop is Jc Tc 9c.

Happiness is: Dodging all 90,210 opponent outs.

It’s rigged, but sometimes it’s a good rigged.


As of right now, the sun is shining, which hopefully means tonight’s home game is still on. This is the tougher of the two games that I play in, so I’ll need to be in the proper mindset. Thanks to the power of the ‘tubes, any lingering rage has dissipated and as long as work doesn’t tick me off too much today I’ll be ready.

Have a good weekend.

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